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Billionaire On A Budget
Department stores usually try to smell nice, but based on recent experience, Kohl's stores smell like a potpourri factory exploded in a pine forest.

Not only do they have a general ambient scent for the whole store, they have special seasonal scents like Autumn Cinnamon or Winter Peppermint, and then each separate department has its own collection of unique scents like for Jewelry or Housewares, as well as the scents from all the products, not to mention the various odors and aromas of the shoppers and employees all mixing together in a dizzying, delirious olfactory orgy.

True story: when I was there, a grandmother and a toddler had to be hospitalized for asphyxiation from strolling through the perfume department.

Apparently, it's not just the overinflated markup that buyers need to beware.
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