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Dissecticide Schizmatic is a webcomic based on blueprint schematics applied to actual life: mostly science-skewed observational humor, but basically reality iterated through the chaotic fractal equation of my imagination.  It puts the cosmos under a microscope, and reality under analysis.

Conceptually, it's the intersection of subjective and objective, mind and phenomenon, ego and cosmos -- an intersection which occasionally causes spectacular accidents that ensuing YouTube comments can only describe as "hilariorrific."

About The Artist: I attended OSU and Stanford, and have a degree in Computer Science which I hope to put to better use than coding screensavers for the Matrix.

From a more personal perspective, I'm a Gemini; I like hiking and biking; and I love food, music, and moonlit walks on the beach -- more specifically, gnawing on raw beachkill while listening to Necrophagia as I stalk hapless seashell collectors.

That's straight from my eHarmony profile.

Thank You's: Many thanks to the ragingly great Comic Fury for hosting the comic; big-hearted artist Lutz Baar for generously granting use of his striking Baar Zeitgeist font; and the ongoing openness of the web which enables richer creativity toward greater consciousness.

Contact: Need to reach me without violating parole, restraining orders, or No-Fly Zones?  schemantics.com at gmail dot com
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